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~Homemade Chili~ and ~Daily Kettle Concoction~
Cup $2.49   Bowl $3.99
Aloha Taco Salad
Lettuce greens served in a crunchy taco bowl topped with our homemade chili, shredded cheese and onions & spicy Ranch dressing
Fajita Chicken Taco Salad
Crunchy tortilla bowl filled with lettuce & topped with grilled chicken, onions, roasted red peppers & tomato salsa with melted jack & cheddar cheeses sided with Ranch dressing     
Crunchy Nutty: Sesame-ginger dressing sided a bowl of greens among cucumbers, tomatoes, raisins, pineapple chunks, sprouts, roasted almonds & crunchy tortilla strips on top $5.75
Greek: lettuce greens, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, black olives, topped w/ feta cheese, peppercinis & Homemade Greek dressing $5.75
Caesar: Hand-tossed traditionally, with romaine, Parmesan cheese & toasted croutons $5.75
Tossed: Romaine lettuce with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, & sprouts with choice of dressing $5.75
Smaller version salads: $3.75
Aloha Tuna salad, or Aloha chicken salad $2.49
Crunchy chicken breast $2.49
Grilled, Cajun, Sesame, or lemon peppered chicken breast $2.49

Cobb Salad: Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, crumbled bleu cheese, olives, bacon, hard-boiled egg, grilled chicken, topped with crunchy onion wisps.   $8.24
Volcano Salad: Salad greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, & hard-boiled egg, topped with a scoop of each: 3 potato salad, tuna salad, & Aloha chicken salad
Crackers & Choice of dressing
"Buff Chick": Tossed salad with a crunchy fried chicken breast, topped with hot buffalo sauce and a bleu cheese dressing on the side   $8.24
Stuffed Tomatoes: Aloha tuna salad OR Aloha chicken salad served over a bed of greens   $7.25

Grilled fish of the day, or our own CRAB cake, prepared unadorned or with choice of seasoning.
As a "SAMMICH" with choice of any side item OR on any far out salad
Teriyaki ~ Cajun ~ lemon peppered ~ sesame
Market Price
Pub Style Fish & Chips Basket
1/2 lb. beer battered fish fillet w/fries, coleslaw & Tartar sauce

Aged 8 oz. New York Strip Steak
On a Garlic Toasted Hoagie topped with grilled onions if ya like
1/2 lb. Black Angus Burger: Pick a cheese   $6.50
Chili, Cheese & Onion on Top   $6.75
B & B - Topped with bacon & crumbled bleu cheese   $6.75
Angus Patty Melt - Angus burger on grilled rye with Swiss cheese & onions   $6.50


Italian sub: Ham, pepperoni, salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, roasted red peppers, w/ Italian dressing   $6.50
Club - tri-deckered: smoked turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, & mayo. On toasted whole wheat   $6.50
Reuben: with corned beef, Swiss & sauerkraut on rye   $6.50
Tuna Melt: with Swiss on rye (or chicken salad)   $6.50
Smoked Turkey Melt: Smoked turkey, bacon, grilled onions & cheddar cheese on rye   $6.50
Tuna Salad: w/lettuce, tomato, sprouts & onion on white bread, or as a wrap   $6.50
BLT (that's Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato on toasted white)   $4.75
Grilled Cheese on Texas Toast   $3.75
w/tomato   $4.25
w/tomato & bacon or ham   $4.50

Day-oh Dogs
Try the "Forn-n-Knife" Chili Dogs
  1 Plain $2.99  w/any or ALL fixins'! $2.99
  2 Plain  $5.50  w/any or ALL fixins'! $5.50
fixins': onions, kraut, chili, cheese, mama slaw, grilled onions



All are made to order, served with chips & dill pickle spear
OR sub chips for a sammich side salad $1.29
Chips for french fries, OR coleslaw, add 75 cents
3 potato salad or sweet potato fries, add 99 cents

MOJO PORK: Slice roasted MOJO seasoned pork topped with grilled onions & melted Swiss cheese on a toasted hoagie 
PACIFIC CHICKEN WRAP: Crunchy chicken breast wrapped up in a flour tortilla w/ shredded greens, crunchy noodles & sesame-ginger sauce. 
"BUFF" CHICK : A crunchy fried chicken breast topped w/ a hot "buff" sauce on a toasted Kaiser. Bleu-cheese sauce along side. 
KAHUNA CUBANO: Grilled pressed the traditional way! Ham, Cuban roast pork, salami, Swiss cheese, sliced pickles & mustard 
CANADIAN BACON BLUES: Crunchy chicken breast topped with Canadian bacon, melted Swiss cheese & sided with spicy tomato aoili
BIG ISLAND CLUB: Roasted turkey, Canadian bacon, Swiss & Pepper jack cheeses, lettuce, tomato & mayo. Triple deckered on whole wheat toast
HOT LAVA: Chicken breast grilled & topped with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions & melted pepper jack cheese 
SHORT BOARD: Smoked turkey, roast beef & Swiss cheese, topped w/ slaw & 1000 island dressing, on rye bread. 
ALOHA CHICKEN SALAD: Chicken breast, mixed up with walnuts, pineapple & mayo. Topped w/ sprouts & served on wheat. 
WET BEEF: Hot roast beef with grilled onions & provolone cheese on a toasted sub roll. Sided w/Au jus & horseradish sauce 
FULL MONTY: Grilled pressed Texas toast, dipped in egg batter. Stuffed with ham, turkey, melted Swiss cheese & fruit preserve 
ISLAND PULLED PORK: Pulled smoked pork, topped with coleslaw & side of BBQ sauce, served on a toasted bun. 
THE HAWAIIAN: Grilled chicken sandwich topped with ham, pineapple & melted provolone cheese, on a toasted bun. Teriyaki BBQ sauce along side. 
ROASTED -n- TOASTED: Roast beef & roasted pulled pork piled together on a toasted roll with horsey sauce on the side 
"H.B. CHICk": Grilled chicken breast topped with honey mustard, bacon & melted provolone cheese, served on a bun sided w/ lettuce, tomato & onion 
RIP CURL: A wrap stuffed with roast beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives, feta cheese & spicy ranch dressing 

Choose bread, add your meat &/or cheese, then top with fixin's. All deli "sands" come with a dill pickle spear & a bad of chips for your munching pleasure!

whole wheat 
smoked turkey 
pepper jack 
hoagie roll 
roast beef 
kaiser roll 
corned beef 

lettuce ~ tomato ~ onions ~ sprouts ~ cucumbers ~ sliced pickles ~ mayo ~ mustard (yellow or Dijon) ~ peppers (roasted &/or hot) ~ black olives ~ oil & vinegar
1/2 sandwiches from above....................$3.50
1/2 sandwich with a cup of soup.............$5.99

Bag of chips    $.75
Three potato salad    $2.25
Cole slaw    $1.50
Sweet potato chips    $2.25
French fries    $1.99
Pickle spear   $.25
Extra dressing (2 oz.)   $.50
Bread (2 slices)    $.85
Scoop of chicken salad   $4.25


Fountain sodas: Lemonade, Coke, Diet coke, root beer,     
Sprite, Mellow Yellow   $1.75
Iced tea: Regular and sweet   $1.75
Daily Flavored Iced Tea   $1.99
20 oz. Bottled sodas, bottled water & Juices   $1.50
Refills on drinks in house only
Regular brewed, or decaf. (In house refills)  $1.50
Large to-go coffee $1.75